Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Feast Breaking Day 3

For my first meal that wasn't prunes I decided to go with a big bowl of strawberries. OMG they were divine! I can't even tell you the flavor burst that happened in my mouth. It was like fireworks going off. I closed my eyes and started mmmmmming away, enjoying every bite. Pure heaven.

Breaking this juice feast has been a series of ups and downs for me so far. It seems strange to be eating just fruit but oh so enjoyable and then I have to remember to get my juice in or a smoothie. I feel like I am spinning a bit and it is strange. The last 83 days before this there was a routine. I knew I was going to be having...well, juice. That's it. I didn't have to think too much about it. It was juice, juice, juice. I am looking forward to getting settled in a routine after breaking this feast so that it becomes a bit easier.

With the 4 means to get your greens you only have 4 options and one of them is less than appealing to me so I think it might make it even easier for me. Once I figure it all out I should be able to ease into a simple routine for most of my days. The way I am not really looking forward to is green soup. I have never been a fan of the glogginess of green soup. I am going to try again a few times since I have learned with juice feasting that my taste buds can adjust rather quickly and who knows, I might even enjoy it now.

My stomach has been having its own ups and downs the last few days too. It is a mystery as to why certain things cause troubles and others don't. For instance, today I had a bowl of strawberries, no problem. Later I had an orange, no problem. Then I had a smoothie/juice and whoa, my tummy was not enjoying it. You would think that since it was blended I would be fine but no. I also had some more prunes later and some peppermint tea to soothe the stomach.

I pretty much spent the evening on the couch after that smoothie. It was a nice night out but I didn't care. I fell asleep watching TV and couldn't bear to get myself moving. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Only one more day til SALADS!!! I can't wait!


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

If you are doing well with mono meals, and not doing well with smoothies, it may be that combo or a particular food. Maybe if you try just one food at a time you will find out which one is bothering your tummy and you can eliminate it or those.
Just a thought.
Pixy Lisa

Penni said...

Lisa has a good point...I sort of think about juice feasting as re-entry and your digestive system is almost like that of a baby. You're just coming off the bottle onto solid foods! It is so exciting that you are going to be getting salad soon. That's the one thing I really miss.

Tons of Love!!