Thursday, April 24, 2008

Feast Breaking Day 5

Photo by Jiggs on Flickr

I really wish I had a camera. I tried to take a picture of my salad with my phone today but it was a crap picture. I got a new camera for Christmas and I dropped it in January on vacation and it broke. Ugh. I would by a new one but I spend all my money on supplements and food :o)

My salad was AMAZING!!! I was so in love with it. I made some guacamole and used it as a dressing on my lettuce and I made salsa and put it on top. I put a few sliced olives on top and viola, deliciouso!!! I ended up not being able to eat as much as I thought so I ate the rest at dinner time. I was very satisfied and happy.

I had my favorite green juice for breakfast, spinach, celery and orange. I got in a 1/2 lb spinach and a half head of celery so I was feeling pretty good about that. I don't think I got a full pound of greens in though. I definitely think that I am going to need to do 2 liquid things a day to get that much in. I will have to have a smoothie, juice or soup otherwise it will be very difficult to get a full pound, even with a half pound in one drink. I could probably have a smaller juice for a midday snack and I would be fine.

I have to admit that my energy level is way down. I can feel that my body is having a hard time adjusting to the food. I am having an underlying heartburn that I am hoping will stabilize over the next week or so. I have been so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. In fact, I can't wait to crawl in bed again tonight. I know it doesn't make for exciting blogging but oh well. Such is life.


Penni said...

Your salad sound heavenly! Ohhhhh guacamole, how it love and miss it. I have about another month of feasting but I think I will start making a list of things that I want to add back into my diet so I can have them to look forward to.

Hope your energy is back up today.


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

I can't wait for salad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pixy Lisa

Hanlie said...

I have the balance of my salads for breakfast in the morning! It tastes even better then! Hope the heartburn clears up...