Saturday, April 26, 2008

Feast Breaking Day 6

Photo by Spitfirelas' on Flickr

I have been so busy that I haven't been on the computer at all. I spent the whole day working the fundraiser garage sale and then to my son's baseball game and shopping and then home to collapse in bed. It was a long day.

I have been thrilled with eating. I am adjusting to bringing food with me instead of juice and I am definitely getting the hang of it. It is so exciting to reintroduce myself to foods again, especially things I was missing while juicing. I am so content with the flavors and the textures of the food. Pure joy!

Today I had:
Orange, pineapple, celery, spinach smoothie - I am still getting used to the smoothies after juicing. I am not entirely in love with them yet. I think adding a 1/2 of a banana will help immensely.

Massaged rapini with olive oil, garlic, red onion, sun dried tomatoes, tomatoes, avocado - OMG!!! This was absolute heaven. I love broccoli rabe so much and this is divine. I brought it with me to the garage sale and was in the garage eating it when one of the women said, "What is that smell?" Ha ha, I went out and ate it so the smell didn't overpower everyone. They all said it smelled good though. It was so good.

Strawberry spinach salad with avocado and strawberry dressing- This was a little blah. I never made the dressing before and it was kind of boring. I didn't have a lot of time to play around with it because I was running out the door. I will definitely work on it though because it has potential.

I have been pretty full. My stomach can't hold as much as it used to so I don't really feel like eating much in between meals. In fact, I still have some prunes left over that I brought with me to have as a snack but I wasn't hungry for them.

I have noticed quite a bit of energy drop since breaking the feast. It seems that by about 8:00 I am spent. I also had some strange pain in my back. It is in the same place as my gallbladder pains in the past so I am thinking it is that. I was a bit worried last night that it was going to get worse and go into a full fledged gallbladder attack but it didn't. All of the sudden the pain just melted away. Yay!

I did a final weigh in and I am down to 137.5. That makes the total weight loss 36 pounds. I am very happy with that. I hope to continue to lose weight and shift it around. I would like some more muscle and a little less flab. That is for stage 2!

I have found that planning ahead is really helping me with my busy life and with going back into eating food again. I have been thinking about 1 day in advance for some things and 1 meal ahead for others. I made the rapini the night before so it had time to marinate. It feels very similar to the juicing because I really can have the whole day's food ready each morning. Fabulous.

I am having some terrible breath though. I can taste the garlic and onions in my mouth for HOURS! I don't even want to talk to anyone in case the have to breath my breath. :o) I read on Raw Food Talk that putting mint in your drinking water and liquid chlorophyll helps with this. I think I might try both of them. At one point it seemed almost like the taste was pure chemical. I actually asked my husband if he could smell it? It smelled a bit like spray paint of something. Of course he said no so it may have been a bit of detox on my part. How cool is that. I am detoxing while eating food. Must be all that garlic and greens!

I have decided that I am going to stop my daily posts here on this blog and switch back to my original blog. I created this one strictly for juice feasting so I don't want to start posting about raw food etc. If I have anything interesting about juice feasting I will continue to post it here but most of my posts will now be at Michelle's Raw Adventure. I hope you will join me there!


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

I'm following you over to your other blog. The rapini sounds lovely! I want salad!!
Pixy Lisa

Penni said...

I agree with Lisa, the rapini sounds sooooo good! I am going to save your list of ingredients so I can make that in a month or so! And I, too, will be coming over to visit you on your other blog. See you there!


Hanlie said...

I'm following you! Your salad sounds great!