Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 2

Here is my before picture

So day 2 is going a bit better than day 1. I have had my downs but better yet I had a great period of energy in the middle of the day which felt fantastic! Of course I went to bed at about 6:00 and stayed there. In fact I had my son bring my computer up into the bed so I am typing from there right now. I am not that sick, I am just so tired and weak that I am taking it easy. Since I had that great energy boost earlier I know that more will come and I am just going to be patient and honor my body.

Now that my head is a bit clearer today I have decided that I want to report in a more organized fashion although I do like to just ramble on and on. HOWEVER, I think being more organized will help me gather my thoughts. So here goes:

Juices, Supplements etc. in order of consumption
1. 1 quart of water1
2. Leftover juice from yesterday
2. 1 quart of water
3. 1 quart spinach, cucumber,celery, lemon with kelp
4. 1 quart water
5. 1/2 quart kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, apple with hemp oil
6. 1 quart orange and spinach
7. finished number 6 above

Ha ha, I finished all 4 quarts and managed to drink 3 quarts of water. Yippee for me! You will notice that I didn't take any MSM, spirulina, chlorella or cayenne today. I decided that until I get my heartburn/ reflux under control I am going to hold off on these.

Starting 173.5
Today 170

Ummm, what the heck? I guess you can tell the enema worked today huh?

15 minutes of serious dancing

When I woke up this morning I felt BAD so I didn't do the Five Tibetans but later when I had my happy burst of joy I danced around like a crazy crack mama. It was so fun.

Physical Symptoms overall feeling
I guess my rambling above pretty much summed it up but I guess I can be a bit more specific.

Fatigue and lethargy
Serious mucus in throat and nose
Heavy feeling in chest - coughed and it hurt a couple of times. I am guessing it is mucus trying to work it's way out. I did some deep breathing to try and facilitate.
Heartburn and reflux
Stomach gurgles and holy gas!

Emotional Symptoms
I was feeling a bit of a "poor me" kind of thing going on today. My inner dialog went something like this; "Why does this have to be so hard? It's just not fair. I shouldn't have to suffer like this." See what I mean...poor Michelle.

I was able to shake it off pretty quickly and re-center myself. I am making a note of it so I can address it through a Journey process if nothing else comes up.

I haven't had any cravings. Isn't that weird?

Enjoyment of juice
Surprisingly the leftover juice tasted pretty good in the morning.

I was shocked that I was able to drink a green juice without the addition of any fruit. Of course it was spinach which is sweet but so what, I did it and I kind of liked it.

I was really looking forward to my orange spinach juice but it ended up tasting kind of yucky. It tasted like the pith of the orange. I think it was because I put it all in the Vita-mix. Next time I will use my citrus juicer.

So the weird thing is that when I drank the first half of the kale juice it tasted so gross I could barely choke it down. I was making all kinds of crazy faces as I swallowed each sip like this baby eating her baby food. Later I was dreading having to finish it but to my surprise I liked it! Hey Mikey I liked it! Weird huh?

See I need a spot to ramble so here it is. I guess I don't have too much else to say today since I said it at the top. I can tell you that I had "success" with my enema today. It was quite an experience but not horrible or anything. The worst part is that it took so long to finally finish. It took me an hour and 20 minutes to do the enema, floss, brush, scrape, skin brush, and shower. I woke my kids up late for school cuz I just couldn't get it all done. I don't think I can get up any earlier right now though. I am not a morning person so getting up at 6:00am is a bit rough for me.

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