Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 3

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Juices, Supplements etc. in order of consumption
1. 1 quart of water

2. Bok Choy, swiss chard, lemon, cucumber, celery, ginger, apple

1 bunch bok choy, 1/2 bunch swiss chard, 1/2 lemon, 1 cucumber, 1/4 bunch celery, 1 inch ginger, 1 apple
This was very tasty. Nice, light and refreshing. I put in quite a bit of ginger and that really gave it that freshness.

2. 1 pint water

3. 1 quart kale, celery cucumber lemon apple with hemp oil

1 bunch kale, 1/4 bunch celery, 1 cucumber, 1/2 lemon, 1 apple, 1 T hemp oil
Um, yuck. I think it might be the hemp oil that is making me not like this. I used to love this juice and now its not so good. I think tomorrow I might try putting the oil in a smaller amount of juice and then drinking it fast so I can still enjoy the rest of my juice. It's a lot of juice to have to drink when you don't enjoy it.

4. 1 quart water
5. 1/4 quart blood orange and pomegranate

2 oranges, 1 pomegranate

This was delicious! I was looking for something that was a different color besides green. I am a color freak and my favorite color is red so why not. It was just a little and I liked it so much!!!

6. 1 quart Spinach, apple, celery, lemon, apple, cucumber
1/2 lb spinach, 2 apples, 1/2 bunch celery, 1/2 lemon, 1 cucumber

So this is the downside to having a sweet juice like above. I had to add a second apple to this juice because it didn't taste sweet enough. If I had skipped #6 I probably wouldn't have needed the extra apple here.

Isn't it amazing how quickly our taste buds change. I mean really!

7. 1 quart water

8. 3/4 quart Spinach, pineapple, pomegranate

1/2 lb spinach, 1/2 pineapple, 1/2 pomegranate
Oh my goodness. Delish!! I loved this. My honey even tried it and liked it. Yum!

Starting 173.5
Today 168
So since had so much weight loss yesterday I thought it must be because of the enema so I decided to weigh myself before and after the enema today. No change.

7 1/2 hours

I forgot to mention this yesterday so I remembered today. I have been sleeping 7 1/2 hours every night since I started this feast.


Five Tibetans this morning.

I woke up feeling so good today. I was thrilled. I had great energy and was missing my usual sluggishness. About 1:00 I started to feel a bit pooped. My head felt a little heavy and I was tired. It picked up but my stomach is a bit upset so I decided to go lie down in bed around7:00. I am just going to rest tonight.

  • Detox
    Coated tongue
    Slight headache
    Heavy chest and coughing up phlem
    Underlying heartburn that is bugging me
    Heavy Limbs - Walking up the stairs makes my legs feel like the weigh 200 lbs each!
    Ridiculously loud gurglings in my stomach. It sounds like a monster is in there
  • Positive changes
    The skin on my face seems to look better and it is definitely very smooth. I made my 14 year old rub my face this morning and I said "Look at that baby, it's smoother than yours!" His reply in his bored 14 year old way was, "I don't want smooth skin ma." Oh yeah, your a guy. Silly me.

Emotional Symptoms
I have not had any emotional things coming up. I really feel powerful and I have this sense of knowing that this is right where I need to be and there is nothing negative coming up. I am a bit surprised by this.

I really think watching the movie is helping me. I find myself quoting parts of it throughout the day when something comes up. For instance there is this one picture of a drop of water falling on water and making a water ring and I have this affirmation on it, "Nothing can irritate me."

So the other night I was in my car waiting to pick up my 10 year old from Tae Kwan Do and this car whips up in front of me almost hitting my car and then backs up and blocks me in. Now, my normal response would have gone something like this; "What the hell, you a**hole? Are you f-ing kidding me? What is your problem?" Of course this is a complete waste because I would have simply said it to myself and only managed to get myself upset.

Instead of that I immediately saw the serene picture and said to myself, "nothing can irritate me." and then I saw the next picture in my mind and said, "I am calm." It worked! It was amazing! And that is just one example of how it's working. I love it.

Still no cravings to report. I know, I am shocked!

What a day. First, I want to thank everyone for all the nice comments and emails on my inspirational movie. I am so glad that you enjoy it and I am so honored to have you make it a part of your day too. It is simply amazing how we can connect her on the web when we live a world apart. I love it!

I wanted to share Hanlie's blog with you. She is about to begin her Juice Feast in a couple of days and her blog has some great stuff in it already. I relate to so much of what she has to say. So check it out.

I joined the online edcational program from A day late maybe, but I have caught up. I am so glad I did this because there is a wealth of information and I have already learned so much. I should have joined a bit sooner and really looked through all the information on there before embarking on the juice feast. It would have helped. So if you are thinking about doing a juice feast I encourage you to check it out.

I haven't been having the bowel movements that I should (how about none except for with the enema) so I have started taking the Cascara Sagrada. I took one pill tonight so hopefully that will help move things along.

I am going to bed. Goodnight!

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Hanlie said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for the acknowledgment!

I would have loved to do the course as well, but since I don't work, money is kind of tight. But I've decided to surf the internet and study those subjects each day. There's bound to be ample information out there.

I woke up feeling very excited this morning. One more day!

You're doing great... That pomegranate and orange juice sounds delicious!