Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day 14

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Juices, Supplements etc. in order of consumption
Bentonite and Psyllium shake

1quart orange, spinach, celery
4 oranges, 1/2 lb spinach, 2 stalks celery

1 quart romaine, swiss chard, cucumber, carrot, garlic, parsley, hemp oil, kelp
1 lg head romaine, 2 stalks swiss chard, 1 cucumber, 2 garlic cloves, handful carrots, handful parsley

1 quart spinach, pear, cucumber, blackberries
1/2 lb spinach, 1 pear, 1 cucumber, 6 oz. blackberries

Only 3 quarts again. When I sleep in late on the weekends it is really hard to do a fourth quart. I would have to drink it at 9:00 or 10:00.

Starting 173.5
I didn't weigh myself today. Oops.

7 1/2 hours


I woke up feeling pretty good. I didn't feel groggy. I woke up on my own. I had good energy which I needed for all the cleaning we did!

Positive changes
Skin is smooth
Stomach is getting flatter
Heartburn is almost gone

Coated tongue
Sore in my mouth
Few pimples
B.O. today again

It was a good emotional day today. I didn't tackle any of the mementos yet so I didn't get emotional. All the other stuff I cleaned I was glad to get rid of and clean out.


Trash Bag Tango
My hubby and I spent the entire day cleaning our room again. I mean really, isn't that ridiculous? Our room didn't look that bad but lurking in the corners, drawers and hidden places of the room were all kinds of garbage that needed to get tossed.

We moved my husband's old dresser into the closet and it is so nice. We each have 3 drawers and now we can just go in the closet and get dressed. It's like our own dressing room. I feel so posh.

As the day wore on into night I was almost finished and I realized I hadn't cleaned up under the bed. I knew I should do it but I was so tired I really didn't want to. As I vacuumed I kept going back and forth with myself and finally I just moved the bed and did it. So now the whole room is clean with the exception of the memorabilia that is waiting to be cleared. I will go through a little every day until it is done.


I didn't do any of my morning routine this morning except for the lemon water. Isn't that terrible? I just really wanted to get cleaning so I jumped in full force. I am planning on taking a nice shower tonight and going to bed nice and clean in my nice and clean room. It does feel good.

Now I just have to paint and decorate. You see, I have a ridiculously big bedroom. When I first moved into this house I put my king sized bed in and everyone that came to see the house said, "Now you just need to get a king sized bed." I would try to explain that the bed was a king and that the room just made it look small. No one could believe it. It is one of the few things about my house that I would change. It is such a waste of space.

Shortly after we moved in my husband lost his job and since then we have been living on a lot less money than we were accustomed to. Decorating the house has always taken a back seat to the kids' things so after 5 years we still have an unpainted bedroom with hardly any furniture in it. I am not complaining because it is a choice I have made and now I want to start trying to get it looking good. A little at a time will have to do.

I have been thinking a lot about Ann Wigmore and her teachings. I actually just completed a home study course of her work. One of the things she talked about was that fruit was good to eat in the morning because fruit is cleansing and helps you break your fast from the night before.

I am naturally drawn to sweeter things in the morning so it has been hard to try to have a green drink in the morning that isn't sweet and I have been enjoying my citrus in the morning with a bit of guilt. So I have decided to release the guilt and enjoy the oranges knowing that I am aiding in the cleansing of my body from the night before. Done.

I have some people reading the blog who are not too familiar with juice feasting and have asked what my morning routine is so I thought I would post it here.

Morning Routine
1 quart water with 1/2 lemon squeezed in
Five Tibetans
Skin Brushing
Hot/Cool shower
Moisturize with coconut oil
Floss and brush teeth, scrape tongue
Make-up, get dressed, dry hair
Bentonite and psyllium shake
Wait 1 hour to drink my first juice

This usually takes me about 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Nighty night and sweet dreams.

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Hanlie said...

My body also wants fruit in the morning, so I have my sweeter juices in the first part of the day and my green juices in the afternoon and evening. Both Mary-Ann Shearer and "Fit for Life"'s Harvey Diamond recommend eating fruit in the morning. In fact, when Craig and I follow The Natural Way, we eat only fruit and nuts during the day.

Well done on the cleaning. I also have a large bedroom, and have recently moved the study into a corner of it, freeing up the second bedroom as a spare room.