Thursday, March 6, 2008

Day 38

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Juices, Supplements etc. in order of consumption
1 quart spinach, celery, pineapple,mint
1 quart Boston lettuce, celery, tomato, carrot greens, cilantro, red pepper, kelp
1 quart spinach, celery, pear

1 cup licorice tea
I was on schedule to get my 4 quarts in and then the stomach started rumbling. I think it was from the colon cleanse, I'm not sure. I was bloated and couldn't stand the thought of drinking any juice.

Starting 173.5
Today 153

OK, that's better. Now I am officially down 20.5 lbs. Yippee!

7 hours

Chanca Piedra
B5 morning and evening
Enzymes with each juice
Colon Cleanse

5 min rebounder

I felt pretty good today. I woke up with my usual tiredness and fogginess. As the day went on I felt better and better.
I had several b.m.s today thanks to the colon cleanse. As the day wore on it became a bit much where I was running to the bathroom every few minutes again.

Positive changes
Weight Loss
Skin smooth

Coated tongue
mucus in throat

I am still a bit more tightly wound up than I was before. I have just finished my period so this is usually the happiest time for me and I am not quite there. It isn't horrible, I'm just a bit testy.

Salami again!

Trash Bag Tango

I pulled the Ocean card from my Journey cards:

You are the ocean - vast and boundless

Have you felt small, limited, bound by circumstances lately? Are you feeling trapped or stuck?

Take a moment to relax. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in...and let it out. Let your awareness become spacious in front, vast behind you. Notice how free and open it is on all sides. Just rest.

Know that you are this limitless ocean of stillness. All activities and thoughts are just waves far above on the surface. They come and they go, they move over the face of the vastness, but the ocean itself is unaffected by them. Know that life's ups and downs are like the flotsam and jetsam that float on the water, while you remain untouched by any story.

Just rest in the expansion.

I spent a good portion of the day preparing my calendar for the spring sports season. My 15 year old made the sophomore volleyball team, my 14 year old is on the freshman baseball team, my 10 year old is playing basketball (just finishing up), baseball, and karate, and my 7 & 5 year olds are playing baseball. I am about to enter the busiest time of year for us.
Every year it is the same thing, fall and spring are a bit crazy. In the past, my life has become absolutely insane and I have gotten really quite stressed out. In the past couple of years I have learned to stay calm and get through it all much easier though.
I really don't know what it is going to be like this year with the addition of juice feasting. I will be honest, I am not ready for it. I Love, Love, Love watching my kids play sports!!! I can't imagine bringing my jar of juice to a baseball game that is outside in the snow! I am going to have to really bundle up to keep warm. His first game is next week and it snowed last night. I hope it warms up soon.
I am going to have to become a bit more organized and on top of things so that I will not be rushing around. I will have to prepare my juice ahead so I will be ready to run out the door at any moment. Oh boy, spring is here. I wish the spring weather was here.
It's so much easier when I only have me to think about!


Penni in Tulsa said...

I am just so blown away by your stamina and your spirit. You are doing so great and you're really going for it. A big CONGRADS on your wonderful weight exciting! That inspires me so much. I forget that you are doing all this and managing the lives of your 5 kids. I was thinking about buying a big thermal coffee mug with a lid to drink my juice from at social settings like sporting events. This way people haven't a clue what you're drinking. I'm also going to try adding cayenne and see if that warms me up a bit.

Thank you for connecting with me and for your encouragement and support. Love & smooth moves to you! (hee hee)


Hanlie said...

Excellent news on the weight loss front!

I learn from you every day!