Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 51

Photo by Josef.Stuefer on Flickr

Juices in order of consumption
1 quart orange, celery, spinach
1 quart celery, romaine, cilantro, tomato
1 quart celery, spinach, pineapple

Starting 173.5
Today ?


Chanca Piedra
Enzymes with each juice
Colon Cleanse


I am having a bit of stomach stuff going on again today. I have some diarrhea, gurgling and yuckiness. I feel drained and a bit crabby.

Positive changes
smooth skin
losing weight

coated tongue
red bumps on legs
bumps on upper arms
tummy stuff

I am tired and drained. I really just want to go to bed or veg in front of the TV. I will be keeping it short tonight.

Raw food.

Trash Bag Tango



Not much happened today. I felt lousy and sat in front of the computer for as much time as I could looking at raw food pictures and raw food recipes. I know, I know, it is crazy but I just can't help it. It's like my new addiction. I am enjoying it so much. I even bought a raw food ebook. You would think I was ending this feast this week by the way I am acting. I just really want some food.
The funny thing is that I have been doing this for about a week and it hasn't bothered me but now that I am not feeling so good I am struggling with it. Just another obstacle and if today is anything like the past healing episodes I have had (which I am sure it is) then it will be over soon. I will just hang on wait.
I am going to keep it short tonight my friends. I can't wait to lie down although I am sure I will be up and running to the bathroom a million times. ;o)


MARYYX said...

Hi Michelle
What is the trash bag tango?

Sorry you are not feeling well - and hope that tomorrow is better.

In my limited experience, when I get a little queasy about another juice, it helps to have a hot cup of tea. My only "cheats" in the past 9 days have been one grape, one bite of cucumber, and three dried peas. I think that is hysterically funny.

I have noticed that when I am cutting up my fruits and veggies to prepare juice, they are looking really delectable. I have been fantasizing about a big salad today. I would think I was in heaven.

Hang in there! WE can do this!!

Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Hey 'Chelle
Sorry you aren't feeling well. Congrats on days 50 and 51. Your son sure is a cutie. Give him some MSM. It helps heal bones fast too. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I will take you up on any help I can get. My chiropractor is a pretty good miracle worker at helping me process those old toxic emotions, but I'm open to other ideas. Bring it on! You can e-mail me at my GJF page if you like.
Feel better soon!

Michelle said...

Hi Mary, If you look on my blog under the labels you will see one titled clutter. If you click on that you will find posts relating to the trash bag tango. I have been letting it slip lately and really should get back on track.

Thanks for the tips. xo

Hanlie said...

I'm sorry you're feeling grotty! Hope you had a great night's rest and that Day 52 will be a great one!

That is a beautiful picture!