Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 55

Ultimate Peep Show

Juices in order of consumption
1 quart spinach, celery, orange, coconut oil

1 quart romaine, celery, tomato, cilantro, garlic, kelp

1 quart romaine, apple, celery, sprouts, kiwi

Starting 173.5
Today 144.5

It is so much better waiting a few days to weigh myself because there is always a change. When I do it everyday there are days where there is no change and that is a bummer. So now I am down 29 lbs! I can't believe it. That's awesome!

8.5 hours

Probiotic - I have been doubling up or I guess I should say quadrupling up on these. I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night.
Chanca Piedra I have to admit, I haven't noticed anything since beginning to take this. I guess that's not to say that it isn't working, but how do you know? I am thinking about doing a liver/gallbladder cleanse anyway just to see. I don't know though. I am kinda scared.
B 12
B5 morning and evening
Enzymes with each juice
Colon Cleanse


I felt pretty good today. My stomach is much better and I have good energy.

Positive changes
Skin smooth
Lost 29 lbs!
Nails seem to be getting a bit stronger. Green, but stronger
Eyes shiny
I am beginning to glow again today

Coated tongue - It's just as bad as day one and some days worse. Sore is gone though.
Bumps on arms and legs
Wounds still taking FOREVER to heal
Lump of mucus in back of throat

I woke up feeling a bit out of sorts this morning. I was just feeling down and a bit sorry for myself. I decided to spend some time with myself in the bathroom. I took a nice hot/cool shower, lubed myself up with coconut oil while thanking each and every part of my body, and spent time in gratitude. I did a little mirror work where I told myself how great I am and what a good job I am doing. It's amazing how much better I felt when I finished up. Like a new woman.

See below



"Clearly, what is meant to be, is. The peace is always in that."

Are you finding it difficult to accept things the way they are? Are you fighting your current circumstances, wishing for something different. What if everything taking place in this moment is exactly as it should be? What if you were just to relax?

When you accept that everything is as it is, the natural course of action flows freely. When you continue to fight, resist, rail against what is here, you keep those circumstances in motion.

When you truly relax and let what is just be, the next appropriate action is effortlessly revealed.

Acceptance leads to wholesome right action.

This morning after my relaxing time in the bathroom I decided that I wanted to get to the bottom of these cravings or should I say obsession with food that I have been having lately. I got my Ani Phyo cookbook out and thumbed through every page writing down any recipe that got me going. I did it quickly. I was surprised at some of the things on my list. None of them were desserts.

When I finished I went back and read each one and tried to figure out what it was about that food that I was craving and I wrote down what came up for me. I didn't spend a lot of time on it. I also circled any ingredients that spoke to me. I went back and tallied it all up and here is what I came up with in order of desire:


So I started thinking about what I have been eating, uh I mean drinking and it all makes perfect sense.

Salty: I have been craving more kelp in my drinks but have been trying not to have too much. I had asked in the Juice Feasting Forum if I could have more kelp and they said I could increase it up to 1/2 tsp. It still didn't seem like enough but I stuck with it. I could have added a pinch of sea salt but I didn't have any and I just didn't do it. Well, I guess my body knows so I am going to add some salt. Just a little and see how it goes.

Creamy and heavy: I have also barely had any kind of fat in my juices or in my day for that matter. I have decided that hemp oil is not working for me. It was the only thing that changed in my diet the day I had the horrible gastro issues so I am thinking it is the oil. I haven't had much coconut oil because eating it by itself grosses me out. Let's also think that for 55 days I haven't had any kind of heavy or creamy food so I would think it would be a normal craving. I think by adding some oil I will do better.

Texture: The only thing I can really do for this is to eat some bee pollen. The problem is I HATE the bee pollen I have. It tastes disgusting. I probably should try another kind just to see. I know that local bee pollen is supposed to be better. I will have to research this.

Cinnamon and Garlic: Uh, I guess I'll just add a bit to my juice. Easy!

Today I added a bit of coconut oil to the blender with my morning drink and lo and behold the juice had the slightest creaminess to it. It was divine and made me smile.

I think this was a good exercise for me. I feel like I put a puzzle together and found some answers. There is a bit of a relaxation that has come with it. I feel more at ease. It's nice.

Tomorrow I am going to Indiana (2 hour drive) to spend time with my family for Easter. I probably won't get much chance to post so I am wishing you all a wonderful and beautiful Easter if you celebrate it and if not, have a spectacular Sunday! xo


Ben Kaelan said...

Okay I've totally been slacking on the oils too so I guess I'll give it another shot too. I really liked mixing coconut oil with honey for a bit but then this made my stomach turn at some point! Urgh. It's almost over! :) I've been thinking about swapping the hemp for flax and seeing how that goes... I can't stand the taste of the hemp... but I know I can do flax because I used to do that everyday before. I guess at least I'd be getting in SOME fat.

Way to go 29lbs!!! :)

- Ben

Penni said...

I was going to suggest coconut oil and I see you got it! That's a good one. Hemp oil is heinous to me, no doubt about it. By the way....I LOVE your peep show, that is hilarious!

Okay 29 lbs. is pretty epic, I'd say. If I can get on the other side of 150 I'm going to be dancing and high fiving myself! I know it will happen.

I learn so much from reading your blog. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. You are such a marvelous soul.

Happy Easter!

Linda in the Raw said...

Happy Easter! Thank you for your never ending positivity and encouragement!! WOW! 29lbs, that's awesome!

I also have not been doing much in the way of oils. I did try tomato/celery/basil with a pinch of sea salt and some of this amazing olive oil well sell at work. It was really nice - almost like tomato basil soup!

When I have bee pollen I typically have it with a bit of local raw honey. I dip the spoon in the honey just enough to coat the spoon and then dip the spoon into the bee pollen. The bee pollen sticks to the honey and creates a really nice, palatable flavor.

Hope you have a great Easter with your family!


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

That's so great! 29 lbs! Woo Hooo!!!! I was going to suggest maybe cracking a young coconut for the milk if you have them available in your area. I don't use fats in my drinks either, but about every 2 weeks or so I have a coconut milk drink. I figure it's fatty enough for my requirements right now. I tried eating some coconut oil and just wanted to hurl. I LOVE the Peep Show!!! Hilarious. I had to share it! Happy Easter!