Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 9

Juices, Supplements etc. in order of consumption
1. 1 quart water with lemon

2. Bentonite and psyllium shake

3. Orange, grapefruit, spinach, chlorella, spirulina
4 oranges, 1/4 grapefruit, 1/2 lb spinach
This is quite tasty. I decided to add the grapefruit in a small amount because I don't like grapefruit. I used to really dislike celery and now I don't even taste it so I thought the same might be true of grapefruit. Taking it slow.

4. 1 quart water

5. Romaine, carrot, tomato, basil, garlic, celery, kelp, hemp oil
2 heads romaine, 4 oz. carrots, 4 oz tomato, handful basic, 1 clove garlic, 7 stalks of celery.
I love the way this tastes. It is so good.

6. Several quarts of water

Starting 173.5
Today 165.5

7 hours

Sun salutations
Five Tibetans
15 min. on rebounder

I am pretty proud of myself for all this exercise. It is really good for me who has been pretty sedentary since high school

Well, I had another rough day. Seems the stomach is just not cooperating with me. After my first juice I felt bloated and kind of yucky but not too bad. I couldn't eat anything until 2:00. Then I had the second juice and once again it sat in my stomach forever. I didn't feel like I could eat anything until 8:00 and then it was too late so I didn't eat anything else.

I have my appointment for my colonic scheduled for tomorrow so I am looking forward to getting some help with this challenge. I have to get a grip on it or I don't know what I will do. I am spending a great deal of time in bed because I feel so sick and tired. I drift off to sleep over and over again.

Now, I know this wasn't caused by the juice feast. I have had these kinds of problems before. They just don't last this long and because I am juicing I can't do my usual, eat a banana or some bread and help things along. I am sure if I stopped this fast and went back to eating SAD food my stomach would get better. Does that mean that is best for me? No! That is what got me here. It's just that there is this status quo that I am able to keep up when I eat like that. I have to break the pattern and that is exactly what I am doing with this feast.

I read this on Matt Monarch's Blog and I think it does a fantastic job explaining what I am talking about so I will post it here:

A drug addict, who snorts cocaine twice a day, becomes accustomed to his/her typical amount. If they cut back to once a day, withdrawal symptoms such as low energy, moodiness, and cravings for “a fix” will inevitably follow. This is not because their blood sugar went down. Do you see the inaccurate justification for what is really a system going through detox? With the help of a reliable alternative health practitioner, listen to your body and let it run its course for your healing.

I was reading on the Juice Feasting website about the liver and gallbladder. I can see that I have many, many of the symptoms of a weak liver and I know I have tons of gallstones. They wanted to take my gallbladder out and I refused.

You are supposed to begin the breakstone tea on day 30 to begin to break up and clear out gallstones. I wonder if I can begin early or do something to help the liver or if I just need to wait it out. I will see what the colon hydrotherapist has to say.

Coated tongue
Mucus after drinking lemon water and some juices
Underlying heartburn, bloating, indigestion

Emotional Symptoms
I think the above picture pretty much sums up the day. Just kind of blah. Nothing horrible, just blah. Since I have been spending so much time up in my bed and I can't seem to concentrate enough to read anything I have been watching a lot of TV. I think it makes it very easy to run away from any emotional problems that may be lurking around. I have a history with using the TV to soothe myself. Lately I haven't been watching it at all, not even Oprah which is the one thing I watch everyday. I know this is an escape but I guess when I am feeling so poor physically, I just need an emotional break.

A craving to feel good. Does that count?

My husband used to have this habit of coming up to me and smelling behind my ear. He loved the scent I had and always said it was my pheromones. Well guess what, the smell is gone. He has been searching for it for days and all he can smell is celery! He hates celery! I told him he better start eating it so he gets used to it like I did and he can stand the way I smell :o)

I took my first bentonite and psyllium shake today. I was nervous that it was going to be horrible but it was no big deal. The taste wasn't great but it didn' t make me gag or anything. Hopefully this will speed my recovery along.

I love my rebounder. It is so great. I jumped on it while I watched this show on Veria about raw cooking. The show is called The Sweet Truth and the woman made 3 different desserts. They were pretty nut heavy but they had stevia and agave in them. It was weird though, at one point she was making these Blueberry Mousse Tortes that had 4 cups of cashews and she said she wanted to add something to increase the protein in the dish(?). She added whey protein powder! Is that even raw? or vegan? I am not sure because I have never used it.

Still, raw cooking on TV is great. I just got this new channel and I am excited to check it out. They have all kinds of interesting shows including yoga, aromatherapy, feng shui and more. Now that's good TV.

Photo by SkeletonKrew on Flickr


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
Just wanted to say congratulations on working through what sounds like some tough detox. I hope you feel better soon.
xo Jill

Matt Monarch said...

Great Michelle. Can you email me? Can't figure out how to contact you.

Hanlie said...

Hi Michelle! I have no advice or help to offer, just some ((((hugs)))). Hope Matt can give you some good advice!

Great for sticking with it even though it's hard right now!