Friday, February 8, 2008


I just wanted to let you all know about TUT which stands for Totally Unique Thoughts. I subscribed to their newsletter years ago and I can't tell you how many times the little thought is just what I need to hear. Here is what I got today:

The "easy way" is rarely the glamorous way, Michelle.

Tallyho, ho, ho - The Universe

Unless, of course, Michelle, you can see the glamour in baby steps and blue jeans.

See what I mean? How bad do I need to hear that? :o) They have the free newsletter, free e-cards, and they sell books, audio programs, T-shirts, screen savers, and more. They even have a manifestation cruise to Hawaii!

Their purpose is to use thoughts and things, to touch people and remind us all of life's everyday magic. Isn't that refreshing?

It is a real family affair at TUT. Two brothers, Andy and Mike Dooley and their mom Sheelagh Mawe are all a part of the website. Sheelagh has written several books that are for sale on the site. So check it out and you can start getting Notes From the Universe too.

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Hanlie said...

I signed up! Let's see what the Universe has to tell me!