Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Week 3 Review

Photos from left to right: Before, Week 2, Week 3

This has been a great week. I guess it's funny how my perception has changed since beginning this juice feast. I don't think I EVER would have thought this was a good week before. What with the illness, cravings, emotional dumping and the like. I mean really, is this good? Well, yes it is. It is exactly where I need to be. I am working through 38 years of abuse to my body, not caring about myself, and addictions to food and drinks. Did I think it was going to be a cake walk? No. Is this probably one of the greatest things that I have done for my body? Yes! So woo hoo, that's a great week!

I am so grateful for having gone on that vacation with my family and for having it bring up a whole slew of issues that I might not have dealt with otherwise. I can't urge those of you who are beginning a juice feast enough to go on living your life as normal as much as possible. You want stuff to come up so you can get it out. If I chose to sit home and buffer myself from the temptations and my regular life I would probably still have success with this juice feast on one level. I think that I would be missing an opportunity for healing on multiple levels. And once I went back to eating I would have a harder time dealing with those issues. When you are only taking in juice you are very light and clean and because you are not eating anything it is very easy to see your patterns being thrown up in your face. And that's what I want. I want to deal with it all and start fresh. It is like being reborn.

I want to take some time to acknowledge all of you who have sent me support throughout this feast. Your comments and messages have inspired me and kept me going. It is so fantastic to have a community of like-minded people to lift you up and help you learn.

I especially want to thank Hanlie! Yes girl, you! I so, so, so, appreciate your knowledge, your comments and your fantastic blog. I was missing you when I was gone. Isn't that funny, we've never even spoken to each other and we live on opposite side of the world yet I missed you on vacation. Well I did! So love you, love you, love you!

The Global Juice Feast is beginning on March 1st and there are so many people who will be beginning this journey. I am very excited because I know how powerful it can be. I also truly believe that there will be a bit of an energy shift on March 1st. The energy of so many people coming together for healing is exciting.
Sorry for the multiple post. I am having Blogger troubles.

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Hanlie said...

I missed you too! I was so happy when I saw you were back! It's amazing how we forge bonds over continents with certain people. Must be quantum physics that makes us resonate! Your willingness to dig deep and bring issues to the surface really inspires me.

May I just say that you are looking gorgeous! You look healthy.

Your comment about being "in the world" as much as possible has sparked a light bulb moment for me. I'll have to post about it tomorrow. Now I'm going to shower and get into bed - I had a rough day!