Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 56

Photo by Scott Kinmartin on Flickr

Juices in order of consumption
1 quart spinach, pineapple, orange, celery, coconut oil

1 quart romaine, orange, celery

1 quart romaine, cilantro, celery, tomato, Kelp

Starting 173.5
Today ??

8 hours

Chanca Piedra
B5 morning and evening
Enzymes with each juice
Colon Cleanse


Nothing much to talk about here. It was a good day physically.

Positive changes
Same as it ever was

Same as it always is

It was a fun day with my family. The drive was nice and it was good to see extended family I haven't seen for a while. I have a new niece that I haven't seen yet. She is adorable and since I was the only one not eating I got to hold her during dinner. What a great thing.

None really. Still an obsession with food that just won't let up. I thought I was going to be OK after yesterday's list-making but alas, I am still wanting food.



So today was a big day for me in regards to this feast. I have really been struggling with staying on past 60 days. I really feel ready to come off and I feel as if my body would benefit from the addition of fiber.

On the drive home I had a long talk with my hubby and I felt like the end was coming. I have to say that there were points where I was overcome with feelings of guilt and failure for not going the distance. The funny thing is that I NEVER committed to going the full 92 days. I always left it open so I don't know why I am having these feelings.

Well, as soon as I got home I got on the computer and here is what was in my inbox!

Part of me was inspired and amazed at the synchronicity but part of me is pissed! I felt like I had finally made a decision and was dealing with it and then...I have coach God yelling in my ear telling me not to give up, to give my best, that even when it's hard and even when it hurts I can still push through it.

I am feeling the most confused I have ever felt and frustrated. I know I should listen to what is coming to me and there is a bigger part of me that is just done. The thought of moving on to the next stage is just so alluring. I want to, I want to!

I've been sitting here...just sitting here. I am lost.

To be continued


Ben Kaelan said...

LOL! Oh my God... you have no idea how much I laughed at the following comment you just left me:

Stay away from those cashews, cigarettes and Jen.

Oh man that was funny! :) I love that day 69 post. I just wish it would have fallen on April Fool's or something! :P

- Ben (who's glad to still be amongst juicy people like you!) Hugs!

MARYYX said...

Hi Michelle

Have you read Matt Monarch's book, Raw Spirit? He talks about how we must individually decide how fast to go 100% raw.... and discusses the negative impact it can have if we go to fast for our individual bodies.

I'm thinking about this.

Above all, don't beat yourself up. The juicing you have done has been beneficial for you! If you decide to add in some other foods for now - doesn't mean you can't go back to juicing a week, a month, or 6 months from now.


Ben Kaelan said...

PS: I wanted to ask you if you had bought any of the ebooks by Karen Knowler... I was thinking of getting the "How to get started with raw foods" ebook... was wondering if you had it and any thoughts about it. :)

- Ben

Hanlie said...

We also had a family day yesterday and I got to hold my baby niece during the meal (feeding her her bottle). Ah, love those moments. I was drooling over the bread! After all this time I still drool over the unhealthy stuff!

Sweetie, Juice Feasting should not be a punishment to you. If you don't want to do this anymore, I believe that there is no benefit to you to continue. Like Mary said, you can always resume in a while, or juice feast once a week like Angela Stokes is doing.

On the other hand, it seems as if the universe is telling you to continue. What is your gut telling you? If there's one person who I trust to listen to all the voices and make a truly informed, wise decision, it's you! You are amazing that way!

Hanlie said...

I couldn't watch this video the other night, because Craig was sleeping. But wow! I feel all worked up now! What a powerful message!