Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day 59

Photo by Cobbo1 on Flickr

Juices in order of consumption
1 quart spinach, orange, celery, coconut oil, chlorella

1 quart pineapple, romaine, celery, mango

1 quart romaine, tomato, celery, cilantro, garlic, spirulina

Starting 173.5
Today ??

7.5 hours

Chanca Piedra
B5 morning and evening
Enzymes with each juice
Colon Cleanse

1 hour pilates class - this was pretty tough.

I had so much energy flowing through me today that it was unbelievable. About 6:30 I crashed and sat like a blob on the couch watching TV. I was just so tired. I am up too late and I am really tired now. I can't wait to go to sleep.

Positive changes
skin smooth
Losing weight
I think my nails are getting stronger

Coated tongue
Mucus in throat
Bumps on arms and legs

What a great day emotionally. I felt confident, happy and strong today. I had some fun with my kids on spring break and hung out with some friends. I felt good.



OK so I know you are wondering what's up with the picture today. MY HANDS ARE GREEN! It is kind of weird. All the straining is taking it's toll. First it was the battle of the fingernails and now my skin is actually stained. My hydrotherapist noticed it first and she was a bit concerned. She didn't realize that I was straining by hand. Now I am seeing it more. Please don't start calling me Fiona.
So pilates was good. I left the health club feeling pumped. The sun was shining and I was feeling really happy about the workout. I jumped in my car and headed home. I was listening to the music, singing and smiling when I suddenly realized that I made a play date with one of my friends and her kids for 10:00 on the other side of town. It was 9:30.
I managed to get home, wake up my sleeping kids (yea I know sleeping at 9:30 is amazing), make a juice, strain it, get the kids fed, in the car, and made it by 9:57. I was a rock star! The only downside was that I had a huge adrenaline rush that I am not used to. I think I mentioned this before but I used to be a huge adrenaline junkie. The up side is when I have these setbacks it really does give me an opportunity to see how much I have grown. The adrenaline rush was actually an uncomfortable feeling.
It got up to 51 degrees today which was pretty nice when the sun was shining. We sat outside while the kids played. It was nice and spring like. Of course the sun went away and I began to freeze so I headed home about 4:00. It is supposed to snow AGAIN tomorrow.


Hanlie said...

I'm so glad you did Pilates! It is tough, but I love it. I feel so in touch with my body when I do it and my own strength just blows me away! Love it!

RawLeah said...

Congratulations on Day 59! You are an inspiration for me.

Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

I really want to try pilates sometime. I'm pretty good at yoga, and I like it.
Pixy Lisa