Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 57

Photo by jpmatth on Flickr

Juices in order of consumption
1 quart spinach, orange, celery, coconut oil, chlorella

1 quart romaine, celery, mango, strawberry, pineapple, spirulina, kelp, pinch salt
Yeah, this was bad. I don't like strawberries with the greens. It's a weird taste to me, not to mention the yucky brown color. I have 2 big things of strawberries though and I try to have a ton of greens in every juice. I'll probably just give them to the kids.

1 quart leaf lettuce, celery, tomato, garlic, cilantro, lime, chlorella, pinch salt

Starting 173.5
Today ??

6 hours -Surprisingly I feel OK. I am getting a smidge tired now that it is almost 9:00pm

Chanca Piedra
B5 morning and evening
Enzymes with each juice
Colon Cleanse
Bee Pollen - mixed it with honey and I still HATE!!!! IT!!! I was jumping around gagging on it.
Flax and Evening Primrose Oil

1 hour yoga

After my 3rd juice I got bloated and gassy so I don't know if it is the juice which I have had many times before without a problem or maybe just too much spirulina and chlorella. Other than that I feel good. I felt so great after yoga I wanted to jump up and down.

Positive changes
Skin soft
Losing weight

Coated tongue
Bumps on arms and legs
Mucus in throat
Runny nose

I am feeling uplifted and happy today. I am excited about everything and trying to stay present.



Yoga was very meditative for me today. It was slow and challenging and I was able to close my eyes and go deep within. Beautiful

I went to the health food store today and got some broccoli seeds and alfalfa seeds. I also got 2 sprouting jars. Those were the only sprouting seeds they had so that is what I got. I started a jar of broccoli sprouts and in a couple of days I will start the alfalfa. Hopefully if I stagger them I have a better chance of having sprouts on a more consistent basis.

I have to say that sprouts make me feel so good and that is why I have decided to start sprouting them myself. I want to eat tons of them for their life force and their energy. Give it to me baby! If you haven't tried sprouts in your juice, do it! The taste is a bit earthy, but I got used to it right away and now I LOVE IT!

My dad finally found out about my juice feast yesterday. He is still out of town and coming back tomorrow. He wants to get together and asked what we should eat. I told him that it didn't matter to me because I wasn't eating. He laughed and said, "Well you have to eat something." I said, "No, not really. I am just juicing right now." He was like, what the hell?! He asked how I was doing on it and when I told him how much weight I lost he about jumped out of his skin (I could tell through the phone). He asked how long I had been doing it and I kind of cringed when I told hime 56 days, waiting for the ax to drop. He was like holy crap and then he said congratulations to me and that I should send the info to his girlfriend :o)

I am glad it went well. I am sure he will be very excited when he sees me which is very nice. I have a prediction that he will spend 30-60 minutes talking about health, what I should eat and what he eats. He will then move on and tell me how he eats everything in moderation and that is the best way. We have had this conversation or a variation of it 100 times. He means well so I will simply smile, nod my head and agree with him as usual.

I have done Journeys around my body image, eating etc. and my dad has come up for me. It was shocking one time that I uncovered this subconscious desire to get fat just to make him mad and to knot let him control me. He is a very strong man who has to be in control at all times. He uses his power and money to control people around him. He has very strong opinions about overweight people and fat and it isn't very nice, so being overweight always made me feel worthless in his eyes. He would say things like, "What happened to you? When you lived with me you were so skinny."

It is funny because as I write the words it sounds like he is horrible. As all of us, he has many sides and that is just one of them. He is also a very soft and big hearted man under all the tough outer appearance. He will do anything for anyone at anytime. He always tries to have fun, be uplifted, positive and lifting people up. I have done a lot of forgiveness work with him and have been able to see him for his beautiful traits and forgive his weakness that were given to him by his highly dysfunctional family. There is peace between us. I understand his ego and his soul.

The picture I posted today is in honor of all the robins that are flying through my yard. As I sit at my sink straining my juice I watch them hopping around. I have a lot of different birds back there, doves, seagulls, ducks, geese, hawks and now the robins. It's funny because we don't have one tree in our yard and yet we still have birds. Lucky I guess.

Robins have always been a sign of spring. There is an excitement in the air when you see the robins jumping around because even though it may be cold out, you just know it is spring!



Linda in the Raw said...

Lovely post. I know what you mean about fathers! They can have a tough exterior but in the end they love us regardless! Remember that only YOU can fully love, respect, and value yourself. Ony YOU know what is best for YOU! Focus on YOUR wants and desires and you will acheive pure joy and unending bliss in your life!

All love.

Ben Kaelan said...

I can totally relate to what you're saying. People are like onions; they have many layers.

My mom was congratulating me on doing so well so far and telling me how blown away she is that I've managed to stay on the diet for so long and how she's counting the days until April 14th when I can start eating a bit more again. I have a sneaking suspicion she knows about the juice feast. I've told her I juice during the day but eat salads at night... but somehow I think she suspects otherwise LOL.

Time to go on the rebounder! I'm proud of you! You're doing so good! :)

- Ben

Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Daddy, daddy, daddy...Gotta love 'em.
They all mean well.
Pixy Lisa