Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Infinite Love and Gratitude

I took a seminar called the Lifeline Technique that was held here in my local area a while back. It was a pretty cool and powerful stuff. It is a combination of many different healing techniques combined into one streamlined, step by step process that can clear out issues.

While I enjoyed learning it and I know that it is life changing stuff I didn't seem to resonate with it as much as other things I have learned, especially The Journey. The reason that I am bringing this up today is because of the Infinite Love and Gratitude symbol that is above.

The one thing that I have taken from that seminar that I use EVERY DAY is that symbol. Dr. Weissman uses that hand symbol in his Lifeline technique and I can honestly say that I could feel the energy emanating from it. I use it as I walk through my everyday life. I use the symbol and the words and I FEEL the infinite love and gratitude for whomever I am sending it to.

For example, today I was at a childhood place with my kids and I found myself being judgemental of some of the women I saw there. When I caught myself doing it I sent myself Infinite Love and Gratitude (ILG) and then I sent it to the people I was judging. My whole demeanor changed almost immediately.

When I am driving down the street and someone cuts me off or does something equally rude I send an ILG to them and then to myself. When I see someone who looks a bit scary or unusual I send an ILG to them. When I get mad at my kids I send and ILG. When I say I send ILG I simply mean that I hold up the symbol (discreetly if necessary) and say the words to myself or out loud. That's it.

It can be used anytime towards anyone. The truth is that whenever we get mad or irritated with someone else it is an opportunity for growth within ourselves. We know we can't change anyone else so we can choose to get mad at them or we can choose to realize that that person is teaching us a lesson or is mirroring something in ourselves that we need to work on. When we chose the later and we honestly appreciate and love that person for the lesson we are getting we have the opportunity for growth and there is an immediate a sense of joy, love and peace and I believe sending the love and positive energy helps the other person in some way too.

Dr. Weissman calls it the Love Gun so consider yourself an officer of love and start spreading infinite love and gratitude to everyone you meet. Let me know how it works for you.

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Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Love it! I will start using it in traffic immediately!