Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 63

Juices in order of consumption
1 quart spinach, orange, celery, coconut oil

1 quart romaine, tomato, cucumber, garlic, parsley, celery, kelp

1 quart romaine, mango, pineapple, celery

Starting 173.5
Today 144

8.5 hours

Chanca Piedra
B5 morning and evening
Enzymes with each juice
Parasite cleanse - I forgot to write it down yesterday but I took it.


I felt better today. I was relieved because today was my second Easter with my dad and I didn't want to be at a big family event feeling like yesterday.

Positive changes


I was feeling pretty even today. I felt a bit funny at my dad's house and I don't quite understand it. I have a cousin who admits to being very uncomfortable around others and you can actually feel it coming from her sometimes. You can see it on her face and it can make others uncomfortable. I had moments when I felt like her today. I was feeling a bit standoffish and separate. I was a bit irritated. It was weird. There was no real reason for it so I hope it was a fluke.

None- I have to tell you that something has surely shifted with the cravings. I went to Costco with my husband and I was commenting on how weird it was to walk around and feel like I was looking at stuff that wasn't even food. Raw meat, bread, pretzels, raw chicken. It all seemed so foreign.

I made plates for my kids, cut their meat, buttered their rolls and sat at the table with everyone while they ate. I smelled everything because I was curious. My son got a piece of chocolate cake and I asked him if I could smell it. He thought I was crazy. It was funny because I didn't really want to eat any of it. I just wanted to smell it. I didn't feel unhappy or deprived. I actually felt detached from it. And let me tell you that chocolate cake, especially a dark gooey one like the one that was served was always an enormous weakness for me. I couldn't have cared less. Awesome!


My dad was really impressed with the way I looked and kept bragging about me to everyone. He said that not only did I look thinner but that I looked 10 years younger. While he was bragging to someone he was saying how great I looked and then he said something that I have never, not ever, heard him say before and it shocked me. He said, "Well, I always think she looks great." You could have blown me over with a feather. I always felt so ashamed of the way I looked around him and I thought he felt the same way. He might have but it was nice to hear him say that.

It's so funny the things people say when they see my juice or find out what I am doing. So often it is something like, "I could never do that." or "I like my food too much to give it up." or my favorite, "I need to lose about 50 pounds but not that bad." Ha ha, that cracks me up.

I told someone that if my only motivation was to lose weight I wouldn't do a juice feast either. There are a ton of ways to lose weight that are easier. Juice feasting is way beyond a diet. It is a life changing experience that changes you in ways that you could never even dream of. You have to be ready for the changes that come in all areas of your life and let's be honest, there are so many people who are living their lives in box. They don't even know there is anything else out there. They don't know you can cure your body without the use of handfuls of pills. They don't know the energy and the unstoppable feeling you can get from doing this type of thing. Are they ready for it? Probably not. Can they be opened up to it? You betcha! It just takes time. It takes repetitive introductions to the concepts so that they can slowly open up like a flower.

I think the times are changing and I know the more we get out there and introduce them slowly and gently they will begin to be more willing to try things and to listen. There is a fine line that has to be walked to keep from shoving it down their throats and I feel as if this juice feast has given me the ability to stay on the right side of that line. I am more sure about myself and don't feel a need to teach anyone anything. I don't feel like I have to justify myself to make myself feel right. I am comfortable and happy with where I am and who I am so that make it easy to share from a good place.

The photo I posted today is of my kids and my dad. I've been talking about him a lot lately so I thought I would show you what he looks like. This picture is actually about a year old. My kids look different with the hair but my dad looks pretty much the same. If anything he looks better these days. He has lost weight and gotten into better shape so he looks good. It was so cute, my 10 year old told him he looked taller. I laughed and I told him that he looked taller because he is thinner. Kids are so funny.


Hanlie said...

Oh Michelle, that is huge! All the books about child psychology say that a girl gets a huge part of her self-esteem from her father's reaction to her, or her perception of it. I have always wanted to my father to be proud of me, but I rebelled so hard against his definition of success. He wanted me to graduate from university with honours and become some kind of professional. I just wanted him to see me, not my achievements, or more precisely, lack there of. It's no wonder I did 4 first years (with honours), but lost interest every time. The day I was promoted to Financial Manager, by working my butt off and learning everything I could from the people around me, my dad had a bouquet of flowers delivered to my office. I cried like a baby!

If I were you, I'd reflect very deeply on this breakthrough... This could open up so much for you.

Your family is beautiful! (Sorry for writing such a long comment...)

MARYYX said...

Hi Michelle
I would be glad to email you, but I deleted your previous emails and don't know how to find your email address. Mine is I am also on Skype, if you want to call without long disgance charges. My Skype handle is mary_yx.

You mention that this is your second Easter wtih your father. Was there a period of separation?

I'm up early this morning. I'm still sleepy, but don't know that I could go back to sleep right now. Maybe I will try in a bit.

Yesterday, I figured out how to syndicate my blog, and turn it into an RSS feed. Whew! The technology bit is a stretch!

I'll look forward to hearing from you

Michelle said...

Thank you Hanlie. Your comments can never be too long! It's good healing isn't it?