Monday, March 31, 2008

Week 9 Review

Here I am celebrating another week of success on my juice feast. It is amazing! 9 weeks! Crazy!

I had an awesome Journey process at the beginning of the week and I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself for keeping up with this work throughout my feast. It is really so helpful to take some time each week for introspection in some way and for me The Journey really gets me cleaned out in the most amazing way. I love the way I feel when I am done.

I haven't released any weight this week. No big changes for me physically or emotionally. I guess I am just coasting. Coasting along in my juicy world. I would like to be dropping some more weight here and there. I have about 10-15 more pounds that I would like to release especially around my stomach. I look OK in clothes but summer is on it's way and I want to look good in everything.

I started my parasite cleanse and I haven't "seen" anything. I have felt pretty lousy though. In fact, I have a headache right now! Hee hee.

I have been feeling very stable this week. Even with the PMS (I got my period today). I feel more of who I am. I don't feel like I am floundering around, hoping for something, waiting for something, searching for something. Emotionally, I feel good and it is nice.

The photo I got from a blog I enjoy. She created the painting for someone that inspires her and I just thought I would like to send it to all of you because this is how I feel about you. I know that having you all here supporting me has really allowed me to grow and to expand in this feast and I really want to take the time to thank you all again for stopping by and leaving your comments. It has been wonderful. If there are any of you out there who haven't said hi, I invite you to drop me a note. I don't bite :o)

My wonderful friend Hanlie has awarded me yet another award. She is so sweet. This one is called the Nice Matters award.

“The Nice Matters Award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world.”

What an honor. Thank you Hanlie!

I would like to pass it on to some wonderful blogging friends that I have been lucky enough to get to know.

Penni, you have been a source of light in my juice feast. I look forward to your blog posts, your sweet comments and your daily twitters. You always put a smile on my face. I can't wait to hear about your trip!!!

Katrina, you are just the most gentle and loving soul and I always light up like the sun when I read anything that you have to say. Thank you for sharing your heart with the world.

Kristi, I have enjoyed your honest and soulful journey and I have appreciated your support every step of the way. I love to read your words as they float through my mind.

Carrie, you have such a wonderful way of looking at life and I have enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. I have appreciated your support so much.

Of course if I could I would give it right back to Hanlie for all the support I have gotten from her. We have a special bond all the way across the globe. And if Hanlie wouldn't have done it already, I would be passing this onto Ben too. Ben, you always make me smile. Your posts crack me up many a day! I would love to hang out with you!

You are all wonderful beings. Thank you for being you!

Bring on week 10!


Hanlie said...

I'm glad you're feeling stable and strong emotionally!

You're a honey, and I love who you're passing this on to!

Kristi said...

And here I thought I might be getting a juice feaster's award. A niceness award, thank you, I am pretty nice. You called it babe. Happy continued Juice Feast, I hope you feel really good soon :) I know you are listening to your body...

Penni said...

Awwww....Thank you for the award, my dear! I feel the very same about you too! You inspire me and help me believe tat I have what it takes to see this journey through to its completion! You are a shining star!
I love You!!!

David and Katrina Rainoshek said...


I am so touched by your words! I sometimes wonder at the point of this blogging, but this gift has reminded me of why we share.

I have been absolutely loving your posts, and going "I feel like that too!" "That could have been me saying that!" and the like.

Thank you and love!!

Love Katrina