Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 64

Juices in order of consumption

1 quart spinach, orange, celery, coconut oil

1 quart romaine, celery, mango, pineapple, cilantro, garlic

I know it sounds like a weird combination and it kind of was but it was good. I used just a bit of cilantro and a small clove of garlic. It was nice to have something different.

1 quart romaine, celery, tomato, cilantro, garlic

Starting 173.5
Today 145

7 hours

Chanca Piedra
B5 morning and evening
Enzymes with each juice
Parasite cleanse

Walked 1o min.

Headache, headache, headache today. It came about in the afternoon and I couldn't leave my little guy alone and go to enemaville so I suffered. Yuck. I have stopped taking the colon cleanse while doing the parasite cleanse because one of the pills is to move thing along but it doesn't seem to be working so I think I will add the colon cleanse again.

Positive changes
Skin smooth
lost weight
I thought my nails were getting stronger but they have started breaking again and they aren't really that long so I have to take this one away.

Coated tongue

I am feeling very quiet today. Very still and introverted. It might be the weather. It is grey and stormy today.




The nature of Grace is effortless ease. It has a natural flow, just as a river flows easily over and around smooth stones, with no need to fight, resist or remove the obstacles.

Are you trying to force or control something? Are you efforting to put a square peg into a round hole? Are you struggling to make things work in a particular way?

Just step back, breathe and open up to other possibilities.

Give up the notion that things have to be done in a fixed way and stop efforting.

Relax and trust that there is an effortless, guided way - maybe one you haven't yet thought of. Ask Grace for it to be revealed, and be willing to be guided - effortlessly.

The photo I have posted is of a journal page I created today. I was feeling like I wanted to create something so I got some stuff out and started playing around. It was fun and I thought I would share. I love the idea of writing on it. I just started writing whatever came to my mind. Writing and writing. Too fun.

I didn't do much else today. I caught up on blog posts from being gone for the weekend. I worked on my book a bit and caught up on some tv. I haven't been watching much. I like to watch Oprah's Big Give and then the Monday Oprah show. So I have just finished that and now I will hit the hay after posting.

It's always hard to post on Mondays. I've already said so much in my review. Hmmm, that's it. Good night. xo


Hanlie said...

I love the picture! Those shades of blue and purple are my favourite colours!

Simone said...


Came here via Hanlie.

Great Post.

Question - on this Juice Fasting do really not eat anything?

Michelle said...

Hi Simone,
Yes, juice feasting is just about drinking juice. We are drinking a minimum of 4 quarts of juice a day which is a lot. I can't even seem to get the full 4 in. I usually only have 3. I don't feel hungry because of the large amount of juice. I have experienced some emotions that have come up in regard to not eating food and I have taken the opportunity to clear them out. It has been wonderful for me.

If you want more information you can go to

Thanks for saying hi!

Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Quite the artist you are! Love the pic. This was a great post for me today, especially about the ET and Oprah stuff. I can't wait to get into the book.
Pixy Lisa