Monday, April 7, 2008

Week 10 Review

Week 10 with my little Aidan

Another week down for Michelle the friendly juice feaster. It has been quite a week. I learned some important things about myself this week.

As you all know, I had a bit of a rough week with the parasite cleanse and all. I was sick for 8 days straight. I suffered through feeling awful as I have so many times in the past. It wasn't until I spoke with David Rain and he said that if I was feeling sick I could stop the parasite cleanse did that thought ever enter my mind.

I realized that I am still not listening to my body enough. I am so used to being tough, pushing through and suffering that I don't notice when my body is saying "stop!" Here I think I am doing such a great thing and getting in touch with myself yet I still turn a deaf ear. It is important for me to recognize this about myself and to use it as an opportunity to learn. I could keep doing the same thing I have always done or I can choose to learn, expand and grow. I chose the later.

I also had the opportunity to spend the week without exercise. I did nothing last week and normally I would feel this underlying guilt like I wasn't doing what I should. I am happy to announce that not only did I listen to my body in this regard, I didn't feel guilty about it. I took it easy and I am back on track this week. Awesome.

We all know that I had a great success with my dinner last night. I am still riding the wave of that high. My father commented on what willpower I have and how he can't believe it. I laughed and said that if we came here the first month of my juice feast I would have run out of there crying. Now, it didn't have anything to do with willpower. I was over it. Yes!!!

I started working with David Rain this week and I have to say that it is incredible. I am so grateful that I did it (even though it was a bit of fight on the home front for the $$ :o). I have found myself realizing that I can't do everything alone. I have suffered for years and years with all of these issues and I always try to do it alone. You know, I am tough, I am smart, I can do it. Well, you know what? I can't do everything and it is OK to get help. It is OK to be vulnerable. This is HUGE for me!

I told my husband that it is like I was sitting on the ground with all of these puzzle pieces and I just couldn't figure it out. It is like David is up on a hill with a better viewpoint and he can look down and see the puzzle and put it all together. I only wish I would have done it sooner. Ha ha, I guess I wouldn't have learned my lesson now would I?

Once again it has been an honor to share this week with all of you wonderful juice feasters! Keep on juicing everyone!!!


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

The daily om is beautiful and something to be reminded of daily. Kind of like remembering to bless that "broken" part of ourselves that causes us to seek a "cure". The broken part is the blessing that leads us to the treasure we wouldn't have found without it.
So glad you are feeling better, and AWESOME changes in the pic!!!!

Hanlie said...

You look radiant! Absolutely gorgeous!

Penni said...

You are beautiful. Inside and out.
Love to you!

MARYYX said...

Yes - we can choose to expand and grow - that's it. I think it's easy to forget, because so many seem content to accept the status quo without question.

The growth, the energy, on these juice feasting logs is amazing.

I look forward to hearing about how things go with your work with David!

Peace and love