Friday, April 18, 2008

Day 82

Hi everyone,
I am keeping it short tonight. Last night after posting I got a pretty good case of heartburn. It was quite disappointing at this point since I had been free of it for such a long time. I believe it was the large amount of fruit juice that I have been consuming in the last few days.

I really couldn't bring myself to have a vegetable juice this morning so I made a combination of pineapple, goji berry, celery and spinach. I finished about half of it before the heartburn kicked in again. I decided that I was just going to skip juice all together for today so that is what I have done. Just water.

I have a pretty good headache at this point. I probably should hit enemaville but I am just too tired to do it. I have to get up early tomorrow and I have a busy day so I think I will just hit the hay and plan on doing it in the morning. Hopefully I will be up for some juice tomorrow so I can keep up with my busy schedule.

Hope you are all well. xo


Hanlie said...

I'm doing Mastercleanse right now. There's some aggressive cleansing going on in my bowel at the moment and I was up half the night! A trip to enemaville is definitely on the cards for me today!

Penni said...

Thinking of you.....sending good, healing energy your direction.