Saturday, April 19, 2008

Self Sabotage

Photo by Formfactor on Flickr

I created an audio post for today. It is ten minutes long and talks about self sabotage. You can access it in my green Utterz Player on the right side of the page. I am really looking forward to getting your feedback on it.

Have a great day!
If you can't find the audio on the player to the right you can access it here.


Hanlie said...

You are simply the best! I have been very deep in thought since our conversation yesterday. So many things are becoming clearer to me and I am definitely going to do the writing thing a few times per week. I feel as if I've been holding back so much for so long and it's starting to bubble up... I dreamt about my ex last night (when I was actually sleeping - my stomach has been going through a major detox phase and I spent half the night in the bathroom and subsequently most of the day in bed). I did however brush my body and have a contrast shower.

I loved this audio and am going to link to it on my blog...

Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

great audio post michelle. i had forgotten about the "morning pages". I will try doing that again. Thanks for the reminder.
Pixy Lisa

Ben Kaelan said...

I totally love hearing your voice! :) I think I need to incorporate more video and audio into my blog because it's just so much darn fun. I was actually able to step away from the laptop and listen to you while I made my morning water+msm concoction. It beats being tied down to the laptop in the morning trying to catch up on everyone's blog eh? :) Love it!

You know what's insane? You're echoing something that I was reading about in depth yesterday. It's really just... amazing how the universe pushes you towards an idea?

Anyway I'm going to write all about this or do a video about it today. :) Thank you so much for posting this :)

- Ben :) xoxo